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New AV System for New World Center, Part 2

Jun 2, 2011 1:38 PM, with Bennett Liles

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And you've got the Meyer D-Mitri system pulling all that together. What was it like setting all that up?
Well the system's incredibly complicated, but we were really fortunate to have the guys from Meyer out there. I think at some point we probably had four or five people we were rotating through a crew of…I think in total, we may have had seven of their guys out there. They were just tremendously valuable in supporting this project and getting us through it. When you have this much technology and the sort of timelines that we were pulling through for this project—backup is just essential and they really came through on that. [Timestamp: 7:44]

Yeah, speaking of the timeline, how long did the whole installation take from beginning to end on this?
It was really tight. I want to say that the prime portion of our work we probably pulled out in…I want to say about two, two and a half months. Which when you think about the amount of speakers, I mentioned we've got like 150-160 speakers, it's still just leaves me sort of scratching my head as far as how we managed to get all that stuff in there and get everything up and running but we've just got some great guys. [Timestamp: 8:14]

So what turned into the, I guess you'd say, the biggest challenge on this project? Was it the timeline or the architecture or were there other things at work?
Yeah I think just pulling everything together—and we're very fortunate that we just have the engineering and the project management resources and the manufactures support to pull off something of this large of a scale—just getting everything in that short of a time period and getting everything coordinated when you have, like I said, those mechanical spaces that are changing size on a daily basis it takes a lot to stay on top of it. [Timestamp: 8:48]

And of course when they do one of these shows, now that it's in operation, who's running the audio stuff—the console, the mixing and the lighting, is that an all in-house crew?
They're handling all that in-house. [Timestamp: 8:59]

And I guess you had to provide some training on this whole system, so when did you work the in-house people into it?
Between the three scopes of work that we had out there that had training associated with them—which is the video projection, the audio recording, and the audio reinforcement system—we had 120 hours of training, which is just an enormous amount of training. And so what we did is we worked really closely with all of the people in the facility and, working with their staff, we set up a timeline that probably got them going two months before the project came to a close so that they could come up to speed. 120 hours of training is just really intense and the amount of technology that they're coming into—we've got all these Coolux media serves, the enormous D-Mitri system, and then several other manufacturers that…several of these systems were beta because at the time that we came into the facility one of their directives was to get the newest, the latest, and the greatest so as we went through we were coming out with systems that a lot of them didn't even get past a beta sort of platform until we were commissioning this system. [Timestamp: 10:07]

Yeah, I guess on a lot of this stuff you were kind of writing the book as you went.
Yeah and it's great to be in a position where we have these relationships with manufacturers that we can get in there and get them newer stuff that's out there and have people that will work with us that we can rely on when we're having those sort of issues and going through a facility that's as complex as this one. [Timestamp: 10:27]

Well, when they had the first show in the building, what was that like? Were you there for the tech system debut on this?
Yeah we were there to support them all week long. We had several people on staff and it's just fantastic—we were working on this for 18 months and it's just great to see something like this come together and see so many people get so much enjoyment out of a facility like this. It's really something unique and incredible. [Timestamp: 10:54]

All right, well it's certainly done on a grand scale. That alone just knocks me over with all the things you had to pull together for this and it sounds like you did a first rate job on it. Brad Gallagher from Pro Sound and Video in Miami and the New World Symphony. Thanks for giving us the backstage installation details on it.

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