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A Brain Shift 
By Rashid Skaf
Executive Vice President, AMX Corporation

The control systems industry is undergoing a face-lift. An industry once committed to developing proprietary systems has recently changed its tune and is beginning to embrace open standards in systems networking. The reason: standardization and open systems are essential to promote system and product interoperability. ...

Installation Profile:
Big Bowl, Big Changes
By Kristinha M. Anding
Thousands of fortunate Patriots and Eagles fans packed the Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Fla., on Feb. 6 to experience the thrills of Super Bowl XXXIX. Although the visitors most likely enjoyed the lush amenities ...

Tight spot can be the right spot for AV 

Big screens in small rooms, with lots of connectivity and control options hidden in tiny spaces. That’s often the challenge to the AV integrator working in the corporate environment. And a growing range of options, many driven by the burgeoning consumer display market, is available to help meet that challenge. Many of today’s new AV systems–particularly displays—have been created to fit in minimal spaces. Plasmas, LCDs, and other flat-panel displays are obvious examples, but so are rear-projection TVs that require less and less “throw distance” to serve larger and larger images. New LCD and DLP RPTVs often generate images that are 60in. or larger with roughly a foot of depth. ...

No Tech Left Behind 
By Bruce Borgerson
Back when the world was analog, major new product introductions were accompanied by, at most, a few hours of product training. Then came the tectonic...

Installation Profile: Cornell University's School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Instructional Facility 
By Daniel Keller
While life-changing events such as the recent tsunami disaster tend to momentarily raise public awareness about earthquake studies,...

Old buildings: Attractive, well-built...and problematic? 

Old buildings can be beautiful, and their owners may cherish their solidity and strength. But the AV systems integrator planning a job in such a building often knows it can bring its own distinct challenges. Some of the problems are easy to guess: Thick walls, minimal room for cabling and control systems, and so on. But sometimes challenges arise from just the opposite factors. When Audio Visual Innovations’ Broadview, Ohio, office began working on a technology update at Cleveland’s 1872-vintage Union Club, the biggest stumbling block they encountered was a big chunk of open space...

Designing Scientifically 
By Tony Warner
We've all seen it, and if we're honest, we've probably all done it at some point: cutting and pasting elements from a previous design to easily create a new one....

The Buzz: Install of the Month 
By Trevor Boyer
The Sept. 11, 2001, attacks have spurred many companies to rely on communications technologies in order to spread their workforces across different locations. WellChoice, the parent company...

Management Perspectives: Church Tech Training 
By Gary Zandstra
One of the most discussed topics in the industry of church AV is training. Integrators are installing more sophisticated and complex systems as many churches...

AV Integration 
By Tom Corbett
There is some discussion about what AV integration is. Who is a consultant, who is a contractor, and who is an integrator? In one great sense, it makes no difference. ...

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