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Picture This:
Streaming 2.0
By Jeff Sauer
There was a time a few years ago during the dot-com boom...

Security On the Minds of AV Pros and Clients 

Security may have become an obsession since September 2001, but it has also become even more of a bread-and-butter business for pro AV. Clients are not only building more dedicated security and surveillance systems, but they are also thinking about security when doing all sorts of other things. Security can have a range of levels. For individual users, a heightened security consciousness may mean buying LCD displays with narrower angles of view instead of the wider viewing angles touted so strongly by manufacturers in the past. ...

Multimedia Presentations Bring Lincoln to Life 

For decades, more than 47,000 original documents and artifacts related to the life and times of Abraham Lincoln were housed underneath the Old State Capitol in downtown Springfield, Ill., where they were inaccessible to all but a few researchers and scholars. With the completion of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in 2005, the general public can now view many of these items for the first time. In addition, multimedia presentations, seminars, web casts, and satellite broadcasts can be made from the Lincoln Presidential Library to students and other participants all over the world....

Altinex Multitasker FAQ 

InfoComm Redux  
By Mark Johnson and Trevor Boyer
When I think of InfoComm, a snippet of an old Doobie Brothers song comes to mind: "It keeps you runnin'…" This is a big show, with much territory to cover. While not as large as NAB or CES, InfoComm has steadily grown to a size that only a limited number...

Picture This: Integration
at InfoComm
By Jeff Sauer
As display technology has advanced, we've come to expect brighter, smaller, and less expensive projectors and brighter, larger, and less expensive panels. InfoComm 2005 had its share of them. However, as the industry itself...

The Buzz: Install of the Month 
By Trevor Boyer
Assisted-living facilities are a burgeoning alternative to nursing homes for elderly people who need some type of daily care. The facilities, such as Givens Estates in Asheville, N.C., attract seniors who want to avoid the hospital environment of nursing homes...

The Buzz: Install of the Month 
Mike Lethby
Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, UAE Fit for an Emir Partially opened in February 2005 and scheduled for completion later this year, the new seven-star Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates...

The Buzz:
Install of the Month
By Trevor Boyer
When audiovisual gear is to be used primarily by non-AV professionals, especially part-time nonprofessionals, ease of use really pays off. At Lansing...

IT Trends: Turf Wars 
By Brent Harshbarger
The conflict still continues in a battle that should have never been. This is not taking place in the Middle East or anywhere else, in a geographical sense. I am talking about the turf wars ...

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