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The Buzz: Install of the Month:
Medica Health Plans Minnetonka, Minn
By Wendy Meincke
With an automated phone system, a slip of the finger can take you in mysterious directions, and the only recourse is to find your way back to the main...

Installation Profile:
Optimal Media for Optimal Health
By Daniel Keller
On any given day, thousands of visitors make the pilgrimage to Orange County, Calif., armed with a checklist of must-see destinations. There's Disneyland,...

Installation Profile:
Delivering the Message
By Bennet Liles
In world-class corporate competition, you keep pace or die. Field leaders have been powered by two proven success engines. They effectively communicate what their company has to offer and then they seed and nurture ...

Favorite Tech Tools 
By Bennett Liles
The Neanderthal man had his fire and flints. From there, a series of simple gadgets from the wheel to the wireless remote have changed our lives by making things possible or getting things done much more quickly and easily. After each of these advances, it has become difficult for us to imagine how we got along without. In the AV age, there has evolved a group of gadgets enabling “AV Installer...

The Buzz: Install of the Month:
Banco Azteca, Mexico City
By Trevor Boyer
Banco Azteca, Latin America's largest specialty retailer and financial services company, has grown fast. Based in Mexico City, it is the first Mexican-owned consumer credit institution that targets working-class Mexicans....

Installation Profile:
A Vision Realized
By Jack Kontney
When the staff of Southlake Foursquare Church in suburban West Linn, Ore., decided to expand, it had a vision it was determined to realize. The new structure...

Installation Profile:
Standout Integration
By Jack Kontney
Every installation presents its own problems. Some are predictable, some not. Customer requirements may prove challenging, or physical anomalies in a facility may prevent tried-and-true designs from being implemented. But finding ways to provide solutions that meet user needs through creative application of technology keeps this industry interesting...

IPTV Catching On and Challenging Corporate Users 

“Most corporate people don’t even realize it’s possible,” says Rich Mavrogeanes, founder and chief technology officer at VBrick Systems. He’s referring to broadcast video over IP networks or IPTV, a new twist on TV that many observers expect to take off in the next year or two. At first, IPTV sounds like plain old video streaming, only in place of the familiar little windows filled with jittery low-res images, the viewer gets the full high-def experience and extensive control over what and when to watch. ...

Calypso Control Systems Creates Product Libraries for Altinex's AVSnap 

Altinex announces the release of a set of new Calypso Control Systems product libraries for AVSnap, AV system design software. Calypso Control is one of many manufacturers to create product libraries for AVSnap. The Calypso Control libraries and the AVSnap software are available for download from AVSnap users will be able to design AV systems in AVSnap using Calypso Control products such as the open-architecture Pro I/O device controller with its integrated event database and patent-pending control hyperlinks, and the PDU75-12/5, a 12VDC and 5VDC rackmount low-voltage power strip that eliminates wall-warts while offering seamless DC power redundancy. ...

POV: Mission Making Tracks 

Throughout the year, InfoComm International has presented the POV series, in which the chairs of the association's member councils and committees describe...

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