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Gearing Up for an AV-intensive Olympiad 
By John McKeon
Citius, altius, fortius—Faster, higher, stronger.

Those three words have been the motto of the Olympic games since the modern version of the games began in 1896. In the recent past, though, as broadcast and multimedia technologies have become more and more central to the games, it has seemed a couple of additional words might be added....

Santa Claus Selects Mediasite by Sonic Foundry for North Pole Webcasting 

Sonic Foundry, the Madison, Wis.-based leader in automated rich-media communications technology, announced Santa Claus, the industry leader in magical toy production and delivery...

Streaming Media Continues Market Growth 
By Linda Seid Frembes
Streaming media in the classroom is neither a new topic nor a new technology, especially in the AV world. However, the pursuit to enhance the teaching and learning experience and to help students understand difficult concepts using multimedia...

Installation Profile: Investing in HD 
By Jack Kontney
Faced with an aging infrastructure and staring at the high-definition future of broadcasting, Crystal Cathedral Ministries (CCM) recently decided the time had come to invest in the future by upgrading to HD for production on The Hour of Power...

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: Steiner Studios Screening Room, New York  
By Trevor Boyer
Deep within the once-crumbling Navy Yard complex in Brooklyn, N.Y., is a screening room where Hollywood directors, producers, and editors convene. There...

The Buzz: Installation Spotlight: The Way International, New Knoxville, Ohio  
By Charles Conte
Tucked away within the heart of America's farmland, near the village of New Knoxville in northwestern Ohio, is The Way International, a worldwide, nondenominational...

Yorba Linda Friends Church Installs For-A Hanabi HVS-3800s Production Switcher 

For-A’s Hanabi HVS-3800S 2-M/E SD digital video switcher was recently installed at the Yorba Linda Friends Church to provide sophisticated signal routing to feed every part of the church’s multimedia staging and closed-circuit TV operation...

SLS Loudspeakers Installed at University of Massachusetts-Lowell Take Listening to a New Level 

Students enrolled in University of Massachusetts Lowell Sound Recording Technology Program are facing the music with great precision and accuracy thanks to the installation of state-of-the-art SLS Loudspeakers...

Endeleo Delivers Media Distribution Technology to Classrooms 
By Linda Seid Frembes
With such a strong focus on new construction of school buildings and all the technology tools that go along with them, it can be easy to forget about the majority of aging school buildings....

AMX Enters Multi-room Distributed Audio Market with Acquisition of Matrix Audio Designs 

AMX announced that it has acquired Matrix Audio Designs, a Canadian-based manufacturer of high-quality, multi-room distributed audio systems. Matrix Audio Designs now becomes part of the AMX family of products and will be called Matrix Distributed Audio....

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