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Dukane Adds Student-response System

Jan 7, 2009 12:00 PM, By Linda Seid Frembes

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Dukane ConVA

The ConVA Student Response uses wireless keypad remotes (or clickers) for each student, and it allows teachers to conduct interactive learning exercises with an immediate response. Targeted for K-12 classrooms, the response system lets students respond to questions displayed via the classroom's projector or television. Typically, questions are structured to have true/false, yes/no, or multiple-choice answers. The ConVA Student Response instantly tallies the percentage of correct answers. According to the company, the teacher can see individual student responses while total classroom results are displayed on screen.

"The key difference is that our client software has enterprise characteristics," Mucci says. "Our competitors have mature classroom data collection ability, but we can aggregate data to a central server or servers so that school district administrators can view data at grade or school level. Assessments can also be published to the enterprise via RSS feed from servers that can be on the Internet or on the intranet within the school district."

The enterprise-level capabilities mean that administrators can manage the polling data for reporting, management, and comparison to state and federal education standards. In turn, teachers can review their lesson plan and classroom materials based on student progress and feedback. "Eventually, we will develop a community of users who can share content online," Mucci says. "We believe that our system can become pivotal management tools without burdening teachers with administrative data collection. Our system is a formidable assessment tool for teachers; they can poll students and know where they are in their learning."

The ConVA Student Response system was introduced in November 2008 and is shipping now.

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