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DNF Controls Provides Clip Creation for Lake Pointe Church in Texas

Nov 16, 2006 8:00 AM

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DNF Controls has announced that Lake Pointe Church, a religious organization with its main campus based in Rockwall, Texas, has purchased the 4040CL fast-access clip controller. The church is using the controller to create video clips of sermons and other materials at its main church for later playout to each of its seven satellite branch campuses.

"The DNF controller is the perfect solution to allow us the flexibility and reliability we need in our fast-paced production environment," says Wes Hartley, media pastor for Lake Pointe Church. "As a non-profit organization, we depend on a team of approximately 50 volunteers each weekend to run the services, including the media portion. The controller is simple enough for some of our less-technical crew members to operate successfully. We also like the fact that if one of our servers crashes, the DNF system allows us to quickly change over to the backup while the first one is rebooting. With the 4040CL, we're able to create an excellent, seamless package of clips for use in all of our facilities."

Lake Pointe Church performs its main services live in its 5,000-seat auditorium at the Rockwall location, and broadcasts the services to each of its seven satellite campuses. On average, operators at the Rockwell church use six channels of video playback to create video clips with the 4040CL controller. In order to transition to the recorded elements of the services at the satellite campuses, crew members perform a "message bump," a 10- to 15-second animation, audio, or video clip that introduces the service or recaps the previous week's service.

DNF Controls' 4040CL fast-access clip controller allows users at Lake Pointe Church to quickly recall and play back video clips. They simply select the clip from the clip list and then press “load” to recall the clip. They also have fast access to single clips and fill clip/key clip combinations learned into 400 cue points, and can control up to six channels, individually or ganged. Names of video clips can be up to 32 characters long, so volunteers can quickly find and recall clips. The 4040CL also provides the ability to view all clips on a server, trim clips, substitute clips (protocol dependent), and loop clips.

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