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Daktronics Expands University’s AV Capability, Part 2

Apr 12, 2011 12:00 PM, with Bennett Liles

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Well you can’t get everything going much faster than that. When it came to turning everything on and getting an operator at the control point, what kind of learning curve is involved in this setup? Did Daktronics come in and provide a lot of training for the people operating this?
For every system that we install we, of course, provide training. Depending on the complexity of this system and the user level expertise we curve our training as needed. Like I said there is a professional operator over at the Memorial Stadium so I just had to show the tools that were available and the operator was able to take over. At this particular system it may be run be several different people of much lower expertise level with audio. So of course this is a system that is already designed to be much easier to run and we provide immediate training to get this system up and running as quick and easily as possible for every user. [Timestamp: 6:08]

And it probably doesn’t take your people long in talking to the new operators to determine exactly what their level of expertise on this stuff is.
Yeah I usually start off my training by just asking what their level of knowledge and expertise of this system is. Sometimes the people have been running that particular system that was replaced or another system for years and sometimes they have somebody brand new so it’s different. [Timestamp: 6:32]

Right, and it’s also a challenge when they’ve got a team of people and they may be rotating operators of various experience levels from one event to the next—just one aspect of a very impressive installation with multiple sports venues. So what’s coming up for Daktronics? What’s other projects have you got going on?
Well Daktronics has several projects going on with their standard series systems such as the Toronto Blue Jays and also with our custom series systems that are much larger similar to Memorial Stadium such as the Arizona Diamondbacks and down in Ed Smith’s stadium down in Florida. [Timestamp: 7:05]

And I’m sure it’s an advantage when you’re coming in there to put in a new sound system and you’ve got people with the same company working on the new scoreboards and video displays.
Yes we do have a tremendous advantage being one company to install an audio system with the scoreboard and video system all together because the customer doesn’t have to speak with many different people. They can come to us and ask us one simple question. We can show them exactly where the answer is. [Timestamp: 7:3]

I’m sure that helps in avoiding communication problems between people working on various aspects of the whole project. John it’s been great having you here to tell us about the sports venue sound system installations at Indiana University all done by Daktronics and thanks for taking time to tell us about it.

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