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Bar Control

Aug 19, 2013 2:41 PM

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Located in the Miracle Mile Shops of the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Blondies Sports Bar & Grill has been voted one of the best sports bars in the country by MSN CityGuides and Naturally, a central element to the guest experience at Blondies is televised sports, and the bar certainly delivers. Blondies features more than 60 screens ranging in size from 32in. to 12ft. Each display is connected to a number of AV sources, including 12 DIRECTV HD receivers, two HD Cable boxes, an Apple TV, and an RTiDock from RTI, which allows staff to connect an iPod easily to the bar’s distributed audio system.

With so many sources and displays, control over Blondies’ AV system is a major concern. And while the sports bar has tried different control solutions, what had been missing was a single cohesive platform with the power and sophistication for staff to access each source and display independently, allowing them to switch between games effortlessly. Blondies chose RTI XP-8 control processor to provide complete control from a simple and intuitive iPad interface.

The bar features six RTI PCM-8 port control modules, a CB-8 connecting block, and vIRsa Mouse IR emitters to enable control over all sources from the single XP-8, providing the single cohesive platform that Blondies required. Employees at Blondies have complete control over the XP-8 processor and all connected electronic systems from the convenience of an iPad via the RTiPanel app, which offers unique features such as full two-way feedback, dynamic scrolling lists, a completely customizable user interface, and more.



The XP-8 control processor is ideal for large-scale and more advanced projects. The processor offers an abundance of advanced control interface options such as two-way RS-232, routable IR, relay control, and Ethernet control. Additionally, the unit incorporates an astronomical clock, allowing for time-based events and control.

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