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Mediapointe Enhances AV Integrators' Arsenal of AV-over-IP Tools

Sep 20, 2005 8:00 AM

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MediaPointe, a developer of award-winning AV-over-IP collaboration technologies, has introduced easier-to-use and more-cost-effective digital devices to assist both AV integrators and users with advanced digital image storage and delivery capabilities. Unlike other devices on the market today, the Digital Network Printer (DNP) and Digital Video Capture (DVC) appliances offer instant printing and capturing of onscreen content during a presentation or videoconference.

"Our DNP and DVC uphold our core belief that today's consumers want high-value products that are ultra simple to install and operate," Mark Adams, MediaPointe's director of marketing, states. "No one has the time or willingness to learn how to operate new technologies, so our products feature simple 'one-touch' operation. In fact, they only have one button on them! What could be simpler? Just push to either print or capture what you see on the screen during a presentation or conference, and the image is yours."

Printing out meeting collateral and camera views no longer requires expensive or exotic equipment; the DNP series allow any onscreen image to be captured and immediately delivered to any existing network printer. There are two versions of the MediaPointe DNPs available, depending upon which applications are employed during meetings, presentations, or videoconferences. The DNP100 is used for standard video images such as camera views or DVD/VHS video content; the DNP200 prints high-resolution computer graphic images such as PowerPoint presentations or spreadsheets.

"These products allow both sides of a videoconference to interact as if they are in the same room. With a touch of a button, far-end users can virtually hand a document 'through the screen' to the near end of the call," Adams adds.

Similar to the DNP printing products, the new MediaPointe DVC line captures video stills or high-resolution images and stores up to 100 locally in a solid-state appliance. The images can then be viewed, archived, emailed, printed, and shared. Captured images can also be instantly viewed using the slide-show playback feature. Meeting participants can even get copies of the captured images instantly from the DVC front panel by downloading them onto a USB flash drive before leaving the meeting room. The DVC100 captures any onscreen video images, while the DVC200 captures high-resolution images.

Both the DNP and DVC products feature plug-and-play ease of installation and use and are compatible with any presentation or videoconferencing system, from simple set-top units to fully integrated systems. In addition to one-button control, each device features traditional control methods to allow for integration into sophisticated conferencing and presentation systems, including RS-232, web interface, infrared, XML API, and contact closure. AMX and Crestron control module compatibility will soon be available.

For more information MediaPointe's DNP and DVC appliances, visit

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